Failed to connect to rhttps://localhost:8000/messages

I followed all the instructions for Ruby on Rails Make a n app called Messengerapp
When i try to conect to https://localhost:8000/messages,the connection failed,i get
the message:

Migrations are pending. To resolve this issue, run: bin/rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=development

Rails.root: /home/ccuser/workspace/learn-rails-one-model
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Please help !

  1. You should visit localhost:8080/messages.
  2. Try to use solution proposed in the error message, run command rake db:migrate.

Where would you run the command rake db:migrate ? As in in which step? Because I inserted it into the terminal area from the previous step and nothing happened.

Did you ever solve this issue? I’m having the same one and can’t figure it out.