Failed to connect http://localhost:8000

When I open http://localhost:8000 I see ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

Please help !

I have encountered the same problem.

Looks like this forum has zero support.

It’s impossible for newbies to complete a project with zero support.

The instructions are difficult to understand, and there is no model answers to refer when we’re stuck.

It’s best if you complete the HTML/CSS course first and then complete the Make A Website before moving on to Make A Website Projects.

You should first save your code. Then refresh the local host page.

Even if you finish make a website and html and css, it is difficult to understand.

I’ll admit that it was a big jump after completing the HTML/CSS course. To help get me started, I would use the inspect element tool in chrome browser to see the HTML and CSS for a project if I am stuck. It’s kind of like cheating, but I went back and re-did each project after figuring it out this way.

Unfortunately, I am also having this issue with the local host view on my projects. I’m working on the third project and it does not provide the link to the local host as it has in other projects. I’m wondering if that was intentional on their part and another learning curve or if it was a bug on my project.

Has somebody manage it?

i tried my best!!!