def factorial(x):
    x += int(not-x)
    while x == x:
        return x
        for i in x:
            return x* i

what is wrong with my code here?

  1. I think you put a little too much space in between the defining statement and the code.

  2. Your code could use some shortening. Use mine:

    def factorial(n):
    if n < 2:
    return 1
    return n * factorial(n-1)

    print factorial(12)

^^^ Correct code.


look i wonna understand than to get a code please look i am really tryin to make my own great code just tell me what o do exactly and whats wrong with the assignement and these things like what is wrong with that code:

def factorial(x):
    if x == 2:
        return x - 2
        return x*(x-1)


Oh okay! :smiley:

  1. (Line 2) Don't do x == 2. The reason why I did n < 2 is just to know what to do when n is less than 2. You return 1. The other code is for when n >= 2. In your code, the computer doesn't know what to do when x is 1 or 0.

  2. Unexpected indent on line 4. It looks like that is part of the if statement. Put it inside the function but not the if statement.

3.(Line 3) return 1 not x - 2.

4.(Line 4) Put factorial in front of the parentheses

I think that is it. :slight_smile:


What if x != 2? Even if x == 2, your result yields a 0 as in your first return statement, 2 - 2 = 0.

Try using a conditional statement for special cases such as factorial(0) and another for the rest of the numbers. Also, if you just use return x*(x-1), the code will only run once.

factorial(4) = 12 # 4 * 3

which isn't correct. You can use recursion by doing return x * factorial(-1) instead. Recursion will keep on decreasing and storing x until it reaches the special case (AKA base case) and then it stops and multiplies all the x's it has stored.

factorial(4) = 24 # 4 * 3 * 2 * 1

You can also do it in loops as it is less costly compared to using recursion:

def factorial(x):
    result = 1
    for i in range(2, x + 1):
        result *= i
    return result


thanks i really understand now

def factorial(x): if x < 2: return 1 return x*factorial(x-1)
but why when i change the intention of x in here in line 4 it gives an error


No problem :slight_smile:


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