Factorial - is my formatting off?



I found a code that works for this task, which seems way easier than what I came up with, but I still want to understand why my code isn't working. Is my formatting off? Did I introduce y in the wrong place? Am I asking to return the right value? Is my while loops actually looping at the right time?

The error I'm getting is: "Oops, try again. factorial(3) returned 3 instead of 6"
So I figure my mistake must not be too far out there..

def factorial(x):
    y = 1
    while x >= 1:
        y = x * y
        return y
        x -= 1
        if x == 0:
            return 1

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


This should not be inside the loop. If you set y = 1, then set the loop,

while x > 1:
    y *= x
    x -= 1
return y

The lesson checker will not throw any curve balls and will only check with 0 or positive numbers so we don't need to refine the code to check for edge cases. Just keep it simple.


Thank you mtf! That works. So I was mostly confused as to where to put the "return y".


The only time we would write a return in a loop is if we want to exit immediately given a specific condition.

if x % n == 0: return False

as an example.


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