Factorial HELP


def factorial(x):
    while x > 1:
        y = x - 1
        answer = x * y
        answer2 = answer * y
        return answer2

print (factorial(5))

can someone please help me i cant understand how to do this


before you while loop, i would create a variable (call it total for example), and give it a value of 1. then inside the loop, multiply total by the number (x), until (you can use the while loop like you do now) x is one (reduce x by one in each run of the loop

then, after you loop is finished return the total


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A while loop keeps working as long as the condition is met, in this case x>1.
The nature of a factorial is that it multiplies x with x-1,x-2... all the way till 1.
4! (Which is the factorial of 4) is 4*3*2*1=24.

First you say: While x > 1, which is good, that works well.
When you look inside the loop, you will see that the x never reaches the point where it will reach 1.
In your loop, x stays the same. The while is therefore indefinitely valid, and infinite.


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