Extra thinking danger will robinson


Although i have used the hint list_name[x][y]
and got through the code
...also understood what it does.. i.e point to the location of the guess

now there are 2 things i don't understand
1. what does this line of code do.. ? is it like pointing to index in a list??
2. Also the board is 5 X 5.. it doesn't provide any check if i provide any value >4
if i had to do that i should be using a if , else statement when i define guess_col, guess_row variable?

if guess_row>=4: (as python starts at0)
print ("kindly put a number between 0-4")
else :
return guess_row

is this code correct

thank you.!!


The board is a list of lists.


will be,

['O', 'O', 'O', 'O', 'O']



will be,


Notice that the first index is in the main list, the second is in the row list.


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