Extend Codecademy sponsorship for Pro version

I got Corona sponsorship from Codecademy and it is perfect and changed my path for finding jobs! But it will finish on first of August and I completed only 75 percent! I need more times to finish this path (Web developer path). Is there any chance to extend the sponsorship?


I have this question too! I’m so grateful that I’m learning so many incredibly useful tools, but I can’t afford to continue with pro. (trying to find a sponsor though!)

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Hi @amingholamisani40714 and @silvith! It’s awesome that the scholarship was something you got value from! While I can’t say much yet, we’ll soon have some great new ways for students to get the most out of Codecademy. Check back soon, and thanks for using Pro.


Where do I see the time remaining for PRO, I also got it from scholarship from covid

Yeah i had the same question, where do i apply for a student scholarship?

I would like to show my gratitude and thanks to codecademy for giving me the opportunity to use the scholarship for Pro due to the family business of 15 years taking a dive due to the pandemic. Wasn’t expecting to see it was applied, but there it is and again, I am so very grateful for the chance to fully use the features of Pro!

Warmest regards,

P.S. Happy coding!