Expressions Don't Show Data on Book Pages


I got through steps 1-7. On step 8, you are supposed to create the BookController and individual book.html view. When I click on an individual book, the data shows the expression as I have typed it (ie: {{ book.title }}), instead of the actual data from the json file. I have looked over and over to make sure I've added everything correctly and can't find the problem.

I'm attaching code for review. Please let me know if there is a step I missed or a typo that I'm completely blind at seeing. Thank you!

app.controller('BookController', ['$scope', 'books', '$routeParams', function($scope, books, $routeParams) {
  // Your code here
  books.success(function(data) {
    $ = data.books[$routeParams.bookId];

  // Using this property to create the URL in line 9 of views/book.html
  $scope.currentBookIndex = parseInt($routeParams.bookId);

var app = angular.module('ReaderApp', ['ngRoute']);

app.config(function ($routeProvider) {
  .when('/books', {
  .when('/books/:bookId', {

<a class="button back" href="#/books">Back</a>

<div class="book-detail">
  <!-- TODO: Add the book's cover here -->
  <h3 class="title">{{ book.title }}</h3>
  <p class="author">{{ )}}</p>
  <p class="description">{{ book.description }}</p>

  <a class="button" href="#/books/{{ currentBookIndex }}/chapters/0">Read</a>


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