Express Yourself Machine Project

Just finished Learn Express Routes: Express Yourself Machine Project. And it still doesn’t work properly and seem broken even with the solution code you provide. I need to look a code that actually works so I can study it. Can anyone help me? And why does your SOLUTION code not work if it says it’s a SOLUTION? May be the time to fix your stuff already that you are trying to teach us here.

Where did you get the solution code? Is it the code in the wrap-up link you provided? I’m not sure if that’s code they provided or if it was carried over, so I wanted to be sure we were talking about the same code.

If it is the code in the wrap-up, then that code seems to be working fine

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I got it by pressing “Get the solution code” in the exercise. No, nothing is still working here at my side. I wonder how can it possibly work at yours since it’s exactly the same pieces of code we are talking about. My machine is still completely broken and just the initial GET method is working.