Express.js codecademy course

I am not sure if I should post this here or anywhere else on the site. I have done more than 10 courses in codecademy, I have started the last few weeks the express.js course. I believe there are many shortfalls on this course. It looks like it’s not well designed. First of all at the course it uses many functions that had been already created by codecademy. This way it adds a degree of difficulty to the course. This is not an easy course to follow along , some of the tasks look very difficult with not giving a lot of help to the learner, the instructions do not help much either. Also the learning space looks extremely stuffed as at the same window there is the command line, the browser , the editor and the instructions, making the learning experience very unpleasant. I even find youtube tutorials much more useful than the codecademy course. One more thing I would like to mention that is about all courses in codecademy is that the scrolling bar of the editor, is extremely thin , making it difficult to actually click on it and scroll. Express.js course needs a lot of changes in order to be more learner friendly, it is an exhausting course making you wonder how to handle the tasks that it requires. I hope someone reads this, thanks.