Express code challenges

hello guys i’m currently on the express code challenge i find this solution abstract cause i don’t know how the path in the (’/sausages’) came about please i’ll love an explanation why it’s been used instead of (’./sausageTypes’)
(app.get('/sausages', (req, res, next) => { res.send(sausageTypes) }); )

The binding/constant sausageTypes is named different from the route which the API exposes - sausages. You will see this all the time - that variables used by a route have different names from the route. Keep in mind that the route-handler could use several different variables, do some calculations on those and then deliver the results on a GET request to the exposed route. The important thing is that the API route has a meaningful name and the logic in the route-handler makes sense when looking at the code. There are many valid choices for naming variables/constants. There is nothing wrong with sausageTypes as it is descriptive but they could also have had the same name - it would not matter.

thanks i get it now although i was marked wrong when i tried using the sausageTypes instead of sausage