Exporting instructions

Hi Guys,

As far as I can see, there is no easy and convenient way of accessing previously covered topics for reference. I learn best when I revise from time to time what I’ve already read about, so quickly I found myself copying all explanations into an empty document file, but it’s quite tedious work, to be honest.

Would you consider adding the option to export all the explanations of lessons covered by a given user as PDF? That would be of much help to us, old-fashioned learners, who just like to have everything in one place in sort-of reference manual.

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I think you would be better off using the documentation of the language. Every language has some form of docs. This will also give you references to material that is not handled on Codecadamy.

try google-ling for: “{insert language} Documentation”.
I am sure you will find something.

Also it is good to know how to use documentation in case you ever want to start a language that is not handled on Codecadamy.

Yes, I have thought about that too. I have looked to try and find an old post to help someone out, and I couldn’t find it! I was disappointed and just answered it with my own knowledge.