Export Access table into Excel sheet

Hello guys,

Could someone guide me or show me a code example that works on how I can export Access table into Excel worksheet and vice versa using python ?

I have been doing some research and one said I need to import pyodbc but I just couldn’t install this module.

Thanks, appreciate it !


You might read some articles at the stackoverflow.com site
use google search
== discussions / opinions ==
python export Access table into Excel worksheet site:stackoverflow.com

Thanks for the info, and I did look at that earlier but I can’t seem to import arcpy module to work with the below code.

import arcpy

python Install or importing arcpy module site:stackexchange.com

I did that too, couldn’t install some modules it was saying could not find a version that satisfies the requirement arcpy or you are missing a particular file. I wonder how you can just install all modules instead of doing so one at a time or why isn’t it come already install when you install python. I have 3.5 version.

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