Export a a joined table as a csv file in db Browser

Hello everyone. Here is my question. I want to use a new table (let’s call it new), that I created by joining two existing tables, and export this “new” table as a csv file so I can use it in other software such as Tableau. My problem is I found out how to export existing tables as .csv in dbBrowser but couldn’t figure out how to export the created table. To make things clearer, I copied and paste my SQL request. It will then let me export either “Sem40” or “Analyt40” but not “new”. Anyone got a hint ? thanks very much in advance!

WITH new as (
FROM Analyt40
JOIN Sem40
ON Analyt40.Page = Sem40.URL
ORDER BY Utilisateurs DESC)
FROM new;

Would this help?

As for importing or connecting to Tableau, I’m not sure. I only have the free public version. and that’s not an option for the free version.

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Hi Lisa,

thank you so much for your quick reply. I will check it out but I am not sure this does the trick (but maybe I also missed something, I am what you could call a REALLY newbie lol). I am really bad with sqlite3 but I will try with SQliteStudio which seems more user friendly :slight_smile:

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@netslayer45700, it’s actually quite easy to do in DB Browser, once you know where to look.

After you’ve executed your SQL query in the “Execute SQL” tab, just go over to the button that says “Save the results view” when you hover over it.


After clicking that button, you just select “Export to CSV”.

As you can see, in the screenshot below, it let me save the results of a CTE (temporary table created with a WITHAS statement) just as it would any other query.


That’s awesome! thanks very much for your help indeed. Greatly appreciated :slight_smile: