Hello All,

"""I am newbie to python can somebody help me with below , how Will get variable eggs out 100
I tried in different ways like eggs = 10 ** 10 but shows error can someone assist me with example Thank you Narayan """

ef Create a new variable called eggs and use exponents to set eggs equal 100.
Try raising 10 to the power of 2.

Replace this line with your code.



Hey @ghorpade84gmail.com

Looks like you're trying to do 10 to the 10th power. That will result in 10000000000, not 100 like it's suggested. You have two options...

Change your statement to 10*10, which will result in 100, since you're multiplying it...

BUT, the BETTER option here, since you are learning Exponentiation, would be to use the exponent operator...

Change your statement to 10**2. This is 10 to the second power... (10*10) This results in 100 as well, which is the desired result.

Hope this helps.


** means power so if you do 10 ** 10 you are raising 10 to the 10th power. So what you need is 10 ** 2 I believe :smiley: Just * is for multiplication And @825orion had it too at the same time xD


After raising this issue , i tried with exact any ways thank you for your
prompt reply


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