Explore the 1985 Cars Dataset

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I’m on task 14 on the Explore the 1985 Cars Dataset R-project and I’m not getting any rows back with the code I wrote. The question is below along with the code I wrote for this question.

"Order the rows of chosen_make_details by engine_size descending and save the new dataframe to chosen_make_details . View chosen_make_details"


chosen_make_details < - chosen_make_details %>%
filter(engine_size) %>%

Is this R?
Can you provide a link to the lesson/module?

Yes here it is https://www.codecademy.com/paths/analyze-data-with-r/tracks/working-with-data-in-r-skill-path/modules/learn-r-data-frames/projects/1985-cars-r-project

Yes, this is an R project I’m working on.

I haven’t done this course. I’ll have to look into it or perhaps someone else can help.

you should place new data frame on an existing one
In this example chosen was made before

chosen_make_details ← chosen %>% arrange(desc(engine_size))


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