Expired Sun and Earth Pictures


http://goo.gl/PmbqZa Image cannot be found.
http://goo.gl/41IWnf Image cannot be found.

        <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" />
        <!-- Right below is an image of the sun -->
        <img id="sun" src="http://goo.gl/PmbqZa">
        <!-- Insert the 'earth' on the next line -->
        <div id="earth-orbit">
        <img id="earth" src="http://goo.gl/41IWnf">


Please, what exercise is this?

I will need to confirm! :slight_smile:


@netslayer44818 Thanks for letting us know about this! This has been reported several times before, and it looks like there are no plans to fix the image links as this course is being expired, though.


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