Experiencing Latency

Anyone else experienced latency with Codecademy? When I input commands there is a significant delay, but most importantly, the inputted text comes out not in the order that I typed it. This is pretty frustrating. Any help appreciated, I’m using the latest version of Chrome and have disabled ad blocking as Codecademy suggests.

I am experiencing latency. I first thought it was the browser, but I tried it with different browsers, still the same. When I type, there is a delay that symbols come on screen and sometimes it is not even what I type that comes on screen. Also, this delay is not always the same, sometimes it is longer, sometimes it is shorter.

Yeah I am having similar problems. I think this started to happen about 5ish months ago for me. Sometimes, its that, or the page suddenly loses connection for about 1 min or until I refresh the page. Another issue is when I run some code, I just keep looking at the spinning circle thing until I refresh yet again.