Expected body to have an attribute ng-app equals to myApp


Hi my name is Jerome

I git this error message expected body to have an attribute ng-app equals to myApp in https://www.codecademy.com/en/courses/learn-angularjs/lessons/your-first-app/exercises/your-first-app-hello-angularjs-i?action=resume


can you show me the problem?
when i click on the link it just sends me to my code :smiley:
there is 2 methods to tell me:
screenshot or reply the problem


I recently ran into (what appears to be) the same problem as Jerome was experiencing. See screenshot.
I came across this in Learn AngularJS1.X Lesson 1, after completing Step 1.


Make sure you are opening the index.html and modifying the body tag in there. I was having the some problem, reread the question and had totally missed that it said to open the index.html.


how can I open the index.html?


make click to folder, located to left of the panel app.JS