Expanding on the meme generator


Sorry if this is a duplicate post. I posted once about this but it either got deleted or i didnt post it right, i believe.

Anyways, i finished the bonsai meme generator project and id like to expand on the project. How would i make it so i can download the new image with the caption text the user has input over the image so i can use the newly created meme on other sites? Thanks in advance!


Just an update in case anyone else is ever wondering how to do this same thing…

Its looking like the best way to accomplish something would be to use a canvas element.

Its a shame that we cant do this with much easier code though. I would think that if i could have some sort of screenshot function where i could specify a div or even the image itself,and generate a copy of it even if on a new page. I’m going to read more into this for sure.


I just finished this project and was disappointed that I can’t save the meme(s) that get created. Is canvas element really the best way? Can anyone at codecademy comment on whether there is any roadmap for developing this meme generator so it’s actually useable for sharing? Or are there perhaps projects out there that expand on the Bonsai project?