Expand the Java course

In my opinion, the Java course was great, but it was lacking a lot of information. Do you think that more units should be added to it?


I think that we would all second this.


I pretty much sub to pro because I want to either learn Java or C#. It was kind of disappointing when I found out there are only 4 courses of java here. I have subscribed other sites as well but overall I prefer the way CA teaches. Looking forward to the future expansion on Java course.

Agreed, I remember when I first heard about Codecademy, and started using it, and it was like a Khan academy for coding for me; this is an amazing site. But when I first started, I remember when Java wasn’t even a course they taught in Codecademy, and that was a huge surprise since it is one of the most commonly used programs, a huge and powerful one at that.

I second this! More units and projects.

I just completed this course and I really enjoyed it, however I don’t feel I have learned enough to tackle some projects on my own.