Exercises won't load - says 'Connecting to Codecademy' instead. Snapshot

I am trying to use Codecademy, but oftentimes, the exercises won’t load. The words ‘Connecting to Codecademy’ appear on the top right. The Code Editor is gray and I can’t interact with it. This happens most of the times that I attempt to use Codecademy. What can I do to solve this problem? @safarnsworth. I’m aperl… from that other thread. You were very helpful there. Any suggestions?

Here is a snapshot for reference.

If I had to guess I would guess that it’s a connection issue on CodeAcademy’s side. I would give it a few before sending them an email.

If this is a recurrent problem and you still want to work on Python, check out MIT Opencourseware. They have an excellent introduction to programming course that is in Python, complete with practice problems. It’s just not as intuitive or interactive as CodeAcademy.

Best of luck.

i get same issues, connection lost etc. pretty much annoying ;0 is there a way to fix it ?

update: its just getting worse. guess i’m done with dyingcademy u_u

This is usually down to firewalls, “ad blockers”, and the like on the user side, not the Codecademy side. Check this resource for more info.

If still having trouble, contact our support team.

Not certain about that because its my home PC ;0
and i tried to disable everything that could affect my connection including firewall and antivirus
But now that you mentioned it, i think there was some sort of update for windows ;0
Anyway thanks for reply, i thought nobody cares about it anymore ;0
and uhh sorry for being rude D:

You don’t need to disable those sorts of services, antivirus is a good thing to have! You may just need to whitelist certain services or make sure that they aren’t blocking your access to Codecademy.

Checking that you are using the right browser, that essential services are updated, all of those sorts of things are fantastic troubleshooting steps to take if ever you are having connectivity or performance issues on the web.

We definitely care about people having access to Codecademy! With tens of thousands of people on our platform every day, most of them for free, it can just be difficult to take care of individuals. :slight_smile:

i just disabled them one by one in attempt to figure if one of them caused the problem
but after i had everything disabled nothing changed D:

Yeah, guess its not that easy, but at least i can access those lessons with my vpn on
Anyway, if the problem is on my side it must be the update, and i’ll come with ideas how to fix it later.

Thanks again,
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I think its worth watching it even if u are not into football :smiley:

Good luck