Exercises lack the challenge aspect

I’ve been on Codecademy for a month now, and have done the HTML/CSS and currently on the JS section. The learning has been really good as it’s detailed and concepts are explained well. However, when it comes to the end of chapter exercises, there is lack of challenge. As most of them give step-by-step instructions (and this doesn’t really help me challenge my skills). Rather I’d like having a simple and general instruction, and the rest of the problem is on us to solve, rather than having every single instruction given to us. Hope this is understandable? Maybe I am doing things wrong, or need to be doing it differently? Any advice is much appreciated.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Some of the projects are more of a free-form type of activity.

Also, I experiment in the exercises a bit after finishing it (or part of it) … seeing if I can apply some of the stuff I learned in a way the exercise does not ask me to do sometimes, or trying to figure out a way to accomplish the same task in a way that the exercise did not use.

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Yeah that’s useful. I think doing something different after finishing the exercise helps

It does get more difficult and free-form eventually as you encounter more challenges and projects.

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