Exercises in python


Please leave the following link in the post so we can find the unit module, else replace it with a link to the exact lesson:

Strings and Console Output


what are you looking for then?


Unfortunately learning to code requires a lot and i mean a lot of reading. You could also watch some tutorials on Youtube or something but it becomes an annoyance to look trough videos for a specific problem.

If you are not willing to read a book or 2, you might want to hire someone to do the coding for you.

If you are learning and you are just looking for a faster way to learn. I am afraid there is not any (atleast i haven’t found any). It just requires practice and a lot of reading.


i join biira, we can help you but won’t code the solution for you.

If you are looking for solutions, i am sure they exist online. Then this forum is not the right place for you


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