Exercises for python

hey! where can i find exercises to solve for python?
i love code academy but the problem is even in the ex the giude you step by step
if the lesson was the same
but the ex was somthing like: build rock paper scissors game it was perfect, i dont know i i study somthing when i follow step by step,
so where can i find exercises?
edit: i alredy asked this question once and you sent me to the project, that again tell you things like-" build a func that get x, and calculate y", i want just the goal and i will decide the structure…

You can find some problems here:
the difficulty curve is steep, but the first few days of each year should be approachable (even though you may need to learn new things even for that)
exercism.io is worth checking out as well.


thank you very much!
code academy is such a good platform to study, it so sad you chose to do the ex, like this. i think its make the site less popular
if you was doing for example- if/else class exactly the same step by step, but in the end 6-7 exercise, and you can only run tests for it(and give solution) it was so much better.

you guys works so hard, whats make things less good. sometime its good to try make people think.

i say it only becasue i love this platform, great solution for study and i want you guys to success, this is only my opinion

I’m just a forum user, same as you.