I got this exercise and i dont really know how to do it? Anyone that have a suggestion? Very grateful for all help i can get!

Describe the process of how to create the product(capuccino) from the raw-material(coffee)

Without some context it is not practical to attempt an answer. Please post a link to the exercise.

So this is not a CC related exercise? Are you expected to supply a textual example?

  1. Grind the beans.
  2. Prepare ~5oz of espresso coffee
  3. Pour into bottom of cup.
  4. Prepare hot milk foam with steam wand on espresso machine.
  5. Layer milk atop the espresso coffee to form a layer ~1 cm thick.
  6. Garnish with appropriate spices and/or bitter dark chocolate.

The idea of the exercise would appear to be creating the steps in an algorithm. Look into your notes on this topic and see if we’re on the right path.

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Okey thank you! Im just applying for a education to learn programmning and this question is one out of three. The other two i salved but this one was harder i think. So it might be like you say to create the steps of a algorithm!

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