Exercise bugged


The proof:

Hi everyone, I'll be thankful for your help........

The matter:

I need to use "%" instead of "/" to evaluate the remainder .

The problem:

When I'm about to click on SAVE AND SUBMIT CODE it appears: "Oops, try again. It looks like the second console.log() isn't quite right".

1-Line) console.log(18 % 4);

2-Line) console.log(14 % 3);
3-Line) console.log(99 % 8);
4-Line) console.log(11 % 3);

Is the computer right or wrong?


I can reproduce that error message if I uncomment the example, this:

// console.log(18 % 4);

Make that a comment again and you should be good.


Right away sirrrr! Thanks


Mrs :slight_smile: not sir ..


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