Exercise at 32% cp * satire/


Regarding exercise at 32%, cp * satire/. After typing cd satire/, and then ls, the office.txt and shrek.txt are in the directory, however, fight-club is also inside, which is not supposed to be according to expected answer. I appreciate any help.


Hello nsaguin, I recommend you provide the # and title of the exercise you are asking about because once you complete the exercise, you no longer see the % anymore (unless there's a way I don't know about). However, I did some digging and found where you are, so...

Step 1: cd comedy/
Step 2: touch shrek.txt
Step 3: cp * satire/
Step 4: cd satire/
Step 4B: ls -l
Step 5: cd action/
Step 5B: cd../../action/
Step 6: cp m*.txt scifi/
Step 7: cd scifi/
Step 7B: ls -l

I am pretty sure this will work. If it doesn't, I can come back to it and see how to complete. It's easier to do when it's fresh in your brain :smile:


Thank you for your help.


$ cd action/
bash: cd: action/: No such file or directory...thats the error its giving me in the step 5...i dont understand this error...m waiting for a favourable response soonest. thanks.


Hello. Here is my command line it works

$ cd comedy
$ touch shrek.txt
$ cp * satire
$ cd satire
$ cd ../ ./action
$ ls
$ cd ..
$ cd action
$ ls
$ cp m*.txt scifi
$ cd scifi

Just use cd ../ ./ action/ instead cd ../ ../ action

or copy past