Exercise 8 broken


Replace this line with your code.


Why do you say that? What is it doing?


It doesn't work for me either.

I am quite sure I am following the instructions correctly but still it gives error for the second instruction to delete all rows where twitter_handle is NULL. It deletes all the 4 records instead of 3 and gives error.

Someone please help. It doesn't go ahead.


Resolved https://discuss.codecademy.com/t/please-help-me-with-this-query-where-am-i-getting-wrong/34081/3?u=digitalpro65839


I entered the code exactly as in the 'resolved' page and it's still not processing.


As informações da pagina de ( resolvido ) ainda esta com algum bug! não processa de forma alguma !! será que alguém pode realmente nos trazer uma solução ????


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