Exercise 7 "All on your own" PHP


Exercise 7 is in a constant state of error. the errors do not update when new errors are introduced. The errors do not disappear after being corrected. I've tried clearing cache and restarting but does not fix the issue.


Can you paste your code so we can help fix your issue?


I would but I can not remember what the code was. The problem wasn't with the code as I received credit for correct code when I hit save and submit, but the window always showed an error in certain line numbers even though at times there was not code where it was calling out. There is some sort of refresh issue with the display window that possibly loses sync with the code window. I could not get rid of errors even when I knew the code was correct.


I think this is normal because PHP course is really buggy. I think the best thing to do is refreshing your webpage and pasting back your code to submit it as quick as possible (this is what I do) before it gets buggy.


Bonjour j'ai un petit problème avec l'exercice 7 des boucles while je suis arriver sur un page ou il manquait aucune correction a faire a part les { }'s derriere do et devant while les point virgule étais mis sans que j'ai besoin de les rajoutés
$condition = false;
do {
echo "

La boucle est exécutée une fois alors que la condition est fausse.

} while ($condition);
	echo "<p>Maintenant on est sorti de la boucle.</p>";



yeah i cant seem to get the code right... i've visited like 7 different places on here and cant find the code that works..... but still its super annoying just to not be able to move on...