Exercise 7/12. Where did I miss/wrong ? Please help

Where did I miss/wrong ? Thanks in advance for any response.

I have the same probelem :confused:

There are issues with the course. Same error message, being worked on


I have the same problem…and how can i overcome this error…? :cry:

Dont know whether this error and some errors alike as stated by @benjnev have been tackled or not. But when I tried again at another PC, the error did not appear. I hope the error wont appear again on the PC at home.

1st PC (with error) uses: Win7-x64, FF 44.02.
2nd PC (no error) uses: Win7-x32, FF 44.02

Edited (2 hrs later)
So far there is no problem at 1st PC like before.
I think, the error that occured was actually from the server.
Case closed.