Exercise 6, Win 10, can't | and on screen keyboard doesnt work either


in exercise 6 I can't type | and if i use my onscreen keyboard it doesnt work either what do i have to do?
i am using windows 10 in edge and chrome doesn't work


same here, for me it just deletes last word in terminal. please help.


I'm here for same reason. I'm also using Win10 and Chrome. Please help..


Same problem help please !


@jeanleroy @matapozega @hasanakbulut @arrayace57146_54d76c Are you peoples' keyboard layouts all set to QWERTY?
And also, this thread might help: http://discuss.codecademy.com/t/unable-to-type/3106

<> Help!

tnx that worked, all it takes is to change to QWERY keyborad !


tx worked for me to! @zystvan


thanks, it worked, and if you don't want to change keyboard to QWERTY you can use ASCII table. ALT + 124 is "pipe".


Yeah I used Turkish QWERTY keyboard. I change it to US International QWERTY. It works now. Thank you very much..


I had the same. I used alt+124 ( the askii-code for the |)