Exercise 6 appears to be bugged


I'm on Exercise 6 of Javascript, Editor and Comments. It has two lines of comments, and then wants you to repeat the length exercise from earlier.

Just to make sure it wasn't carrying over the comments like line 1 and 2 do (It's slightly irritating that there's no close bracket like html so you know when the comments are over) and then on line 5, entered the code. The correct response appears in the box where your code is supposed to show (4, the number of letters in cake) but the exercise keeps insisting that I've gotten it wrong. This feels like it must be a bug, since the code is working as it should.

"cake" .length;


FYI, typing a capital C in "Cake" appears to be the only thing missing.


It is generally good practice to post a link to an exercise you're having an issue with. Then paste a copy of your code beneath it and any error messages.

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