Exercise 6/13


Ok, so i'm tired, I did the javascript course once, now i'm repeating it. In fact, i have the medals that shows that I finished this course, but I don't know what happens and I have to repeat it all. Now i'm in the exercise of the oragnes. Thre result is 25, but it shows me an error that the result is not 25 so I can't continue.

var costoNaranjas = function (precio){
var val = 5 * precio;


Te result is 25, but it shows me this: Tu función debería haber sido igual a 25, porque es el resultado de comprar 5 naranjas a 5 pesos cada una. Pero el resultado no es 25. Which means: "Your functions should have been 25, because is the result of buying 5 oranges at $5 for each. But the result is not 25".

Ok bro!


Don't use the brackets after return. The correct statement should be
return val;


could you post the link to the exercise? The code as it seems to be ok the () after return aren't necessary but that is rather bad practice than a real error a something that the author would prohibit.


Maybe task required console.log (return is introduced in the very next exercise)

var orangeCost = function(price) {
var val = 5*price;