Exercise 5 Step 4 Navigating step - Stuck

I do everything till it gets to step 4 and I just don’t know how to navigate from the last command i know to use to get to historical by typing cd historical/. I just forgot which command I use to navigate to drama/

important commands here:
pwd: print working directory
e.g. …/historical/
ls: list
shows what is inside this directory
cd directory: change directory
let you move to a specific directory. cd . is the current dir, cd .. is the one containing the current dir (parent directory), and cd name moves to a directory in the current directory (sub directory).

Maybe just go up and down with cd and let ls tell you what is inside of the directories. For more information one probably needs more information about your problem.

how do i answer exercise 4
in the part for navigating to drama or biopic

use the command cd …