Exercise 5 of for loops vacation spots



Basically the exercise is to compare vacation spots that I choose and a friend chooses and to see if anything matches. I created two arrays one with italy, france and china and another for the friend with italy, usa and amsterdam. I tried to put them as strings and it keeps not accepting the second array. When I run the code it doesn't tick the box with a checkmark and doesn't let me go to step 3. I think I have the array syntax right. I have also tried writing the places without quotation marks and that gives a huge error. Is this a bug? When I click the help button and choose reset code I get the same code as below except the places are replaced with numbers 1, 2 and 3 for both myPlaces and friendPlaces.

var myPlaces = ["italy", "france", "china"];
var friendPlaces = ["italy", "usa", "amsterdam"];


Not sure about bug (As I passed it without any error).
Try starting code from beginning and refresh your page.
If it does not work ,change the browser.
If above steps does not work, Then it might be a bug and Mod can help!


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