Exercise :5 : multiple element selector


I just do not understand what to do in exercise 5 of CSS Structure Syntax ..
My code as a trial was

h1, p {
  color: DarkSlateGray;
h1 {
  color:firebrick; font-size:36px;
p {

but this went wrong why?
what"s the right code ?


@alizarahoo can you post the link to your exercise?


" https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-html-css/lessons/css-structure-syntax/exercises/multiple-element-selectors "


You have this which is correct:

then you went and overwrote the h1 color when you added this:

Remove color from the send h1 selector


@alizarahoo are you satisfied with the explanation below, or do you want another explanation? :slight_smile:


Thanks ... it helped me ...