Exercise 5 French version read between the lines BUG - It keeps saying please refresh the page


Hi, in this lesson i think there's a bug because it keeps saying please refresh the page, don't worry your code will be here but it never works even in other browsers.
I saw in other posts that you recommend to add lines in the text.txt tab but I don't have any in the french version. so I supposed that the file was missing, I created one (first 2 lines of my code), but even with that it doesn't work..
link to exercise


That's just impressive.

They broke something in the English version. Reloading the page helped. At this time I had edit rights to the track, so I added that message in English mind you. It was a hack until the actual problem was fixed. It wasn't, it was broken further.

But they freaking translated my hack. ... Who's doing that! And they are clearly very good at breaking things and not testing them.

At the top of your file:

with open('texte.txt', 'w') as my_file:
        'here, have a line',
        'and another'
        'and a third!'])


Does this mean I get to put on my resume that my work has been translated into multiple languages?


Hi Ionathan,
Your workaround works, thanks a lot. Now I've finished the Python course, thanks to you.
I've tuned the code to match with what is asked in the French version, hope this helps.


Hi Ionathan,
Sorry I don't catch this reply. You can PM me if you need.



Oh I missed line termination characters huh. Good catch.