Exercise 5.2 already up-to-date


After I enter:
"git merge origin/master"
the terminal replies:
"Already up-to-date."

I can't proceed. Looks like Sally didn't make any changes.


I am having the issue. Please help..


It worked for me when I tried after sometime in a new ternimal, though not sure about why it didn't work earlier :frowning:


Same here.
I just tried it again (around one minute ago) and it works...
This is what I did one minute ago:
1) continue my work at exercise 5.2 after away from Codecademy for a few hour
2) cd my-quizzes
3) git fetch
4) git merge origin/master
5) git log
Then 5.2 is complete.


Had the same issue, and I resolved it closing the bash terminal.
Then I opened a new one, and I was able to go through the steps without any further problem.


The "git fetch" command really did the trick. Thanks :slight_smile:


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