Exercise 3: Range


Write one @media query for screen sizes with a range between 320px and 480px. Use min-width and max-width to define the range.
Inside the media query, select the thumbnails within the gallery with .gallery-item .thumbnail and give them a width of 95%.

What am I supposed to do here? I clicked on get code to see if it would fill in what I am supposed to do but I still don't see the answer. Now the exercise is fulfilled and I can't do it again from scratch because when I reset the exercise I can't access the code. So I need to know what was I supposed to do right the first time.


@media only screen and (condition) and (condition) {
  selector {
    property: value;

This is the basic layout. The conditions are given to you, as are the selector and the property and value.

This is all taught earlier on in the course - next time, just go back an exercise or two, to see how far back you understand, and then retake it from there.


I don't understand the language in exercise 2. Why is it telling me "Inside the media query" and at the same time "within the gallery with .gallery-item .thumbnail." Where do I set the width to 95%?


Inside the .gallery-item .thumbnail selector, inside the @media query.

If you don't understand, just go back a fe exercises and start again.


I figured it out. I just failed several times on purpose so that the "get code" message would show up and I could see the answer. The course needs to prepare you to let you know that you have to include the .gallery-item ,thumbnail inside the brackets of the media query first. It doesn't do that. It just jumps ahead of you assuming that you know how to.


It does tell you what to do though... "inside the media query".


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Please create your own thread for this, instead of hijacking another, thanks.