Exercise 3 is broken

I’ve tried it in two different browsers now but it seems exercise 3 is broken, whenever I click “Run” I just get an endless spinning wheel.


Same as me, I tried restarting, re writing the code and everything.

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The same with me, I’ve tried the same but nothing works :confused:

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same here and I have sent lots of message to admin

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cant use this endless wheel ive tried copying the code and pasting it i was thinking about downloading another browser but if you have then whats the point.

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same here…entered the code in all possible ways with no apparent result but endless spinning wheel

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Yep, it’s broken. Looking to work through SQL today and this is basically the first step. haha

Guys for some god-forsaken reason if you take the ; at the end of the code it works, so you can try that if you want to get through this course today.


The same! :pensive:
How can I change this?

remove ; at the end of line and it will work

I was able to get mine to work by taking the semicolon out but then the next step it won’t let me proceed if I leave out the semicolon. So when I put it back, the endless wheel returns :frowning:

Were you able to get through the next step though? It requires you to use the semicolon but then doesn’t load.

Yeah after I took the semicolon out it finished the exercise and let me through to the next one. I’ve since finished the entire SQL course

Trying this now and it doesn’t’ work. If I take it out I get Error: incomplete SQL: CREATE TABLE celebs ( id INTEGER, name TEXT, age INTEGER ) If I end it with the semicolon I get this Error: near line 1: table celebs already exists.

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I’m seeing the same thing even with the silly convention of capitals:


returns a table already exists errawr. This is because the table already exists in the schema that the exercise is using. If you try the following code it will work:

drop table celebs;
create table celebs (id integer, name text, age integer);

Basically drop the table from the schema then re-create it immediately after and it will pass you.


Yea, I dropped it and then recreated it and it worked. Thanks. I’m about 3 yrs removed from SQL

Same here. Removing the semicolon only helps sometimes. Refreshing the page sometimes helps (F5 or clicking reload).

CREATE TABLE table_name (
column_1 data_type,
column_2 data_type,
column_3 data_type

put it this way

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