Exercise 15 Computers are Smart


Computers aren't so smart after all...There is an error in this exercise. No matter how the expression evaluates, it will pass the user as correct though the directions specifically ask for an evaluation of "false".

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I've noticed this too. Sometimes the answer is false, but since you are learning the idea of the programming, they let it slide. trust me, it gets harder later on and stuff will not slide. :wink:


I get the idea behind it but I feel that is a sad reason that can have holes poked all through it. I get the why and I know that I put it in wrong, but that was on purpose it was a "what if?" kind of thing. Shouldn't they change it so that they don't build on a bad foundation? To me it seems like it would be better to build the skyscraper on solid rock than sand. Thoughts?


You are entirely true, I agree, they should have you do it right from the start.


Who would I suggest the idea to?


here's some:


Thanks for the suggestions. I also respect your choice in Pokemon (though Bulbasaur is cooler) :smiley:


In a perfect world, all free content would be exactly as we expect it. We are not living in a perfect world, though. When instructions are followed and correct code submitted, and it won't pass, then we have a problem. The OP is simply doing what any good learner would do... push the envelope. Trial and error. Learn to recognize errors in code, such as,


false is a boolean primitive. "false" is a string literal.

The fact that the lesson check allows some errant code to pass is not a big deal, especially when viewed in the context of this topic. The SCT is written by the course author (a volunteer member who contributed it for free). Submission Correctness Tests are rarely exhaustive. Sometimes they will let us pass even when there are console errors.

Focus on console errors and how to mitigate them. Being critical about lesson checking is not the best approach to learning here. It won't change anything since we cannot change anything in the old courses. So long as one can move on...


100 like for it!!!!!!!!!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks??? :neutral_face:


Mtf has a good point but I find error checking ridiculously fun!

I do all the exercises as quickly as possible then spend ages trying everything I can think of to trip up the correction tests and "cheat" my way through them. It's a great way to learn.

Anyway thanks @cactusking0 and @turtwigpo for pointing it out, the JS course is pretty old so unfortunately the tests won't be tightened up, it will likely be replaced altogether soon. I'd encourage you to find ways around other exercises though!


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