Exercise 12

I cant figure out how to uncomment the last line and can not move forward because of it

Post your code. And the instructions.

boolean isComplete = true;
int awesomeLevel = 121;
int epicLevel = awesomeLevel * 2;

1.Write a single line comment anywhere you want. It can be anything! (Make sure it starts with //)

  1. Set the boolean variable isComplete to true.

3.Set the int variable awesomeLevel equal to 121.

4.Set the int variable epicLevel equal to awesomeLevel multiplied by 2.

5.Uncomment the last line so that the console prints out the value of epicLevel

To uncomment, you would remove the // in front of the System.out.print statement, which I assume is there.

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Help me please
this is my code:
public class Generalizations {
public static void main(String args) {
//I Am Determied

	boolean isComplete = true;
	int awesomeLeveln = 121;
	int epicLevel = awesomeLevel * 2;		



I un commented the last code
but not going through

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It happens to me too

wont accept multiply by 2

Hi this part

int awesomeLeveln = 121;
int epicLevel = awesomeLevel * 2;

You declare awesomeLeveln and store 121 then in the epicLevel you wrote awesomeLevel you forgot the n at the end.

Well, I figured out the problem.
In order to uncomment, you actually need to edit the system.out.println part.

This is my final code:

    boolean isComplete=true;
    int awesomeLevel=121;
    int epicLevel=awesomeLevel*2;        
    System.out.println(121*2);   <--------------------- This is what you have to edit.
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