Exercise 10 line 14


how make I do this link?

<In what way does your code behave incorrectly? incorrect syntax at the colon

I expected it would work just fine because I followed the hint. This is extremely frustrating because I can get the code to work using other strategies, but this line has me stumped

new_word = [1:len(word)]


what link?

you can just copy the exercise url to the forum.

as for your error, look at this:

x = "hello world"
x = x[0:5]
print x

see how i specify before the square brackets what i want a slice off, and store that in x? You need to do the same with new_word, otherwise python doesn't know what to take a slice off


To Stetim94: thanks. I was able to work out the correct answer after reading your reply. The Hint was not totally helpful, nor the instructions.