Execution timing out

Hi there,

First time user of this platform and Forum!

Currently following the Learn Ruby track, and I have an issue across several different devices, browsers and internet connections.

As I press the ‘Run’ button, the code executes but takes so much time that the execution expires. Thereby preventing me from progressing until I ask to get the answer instead.

  • Devices: PC with Windows 11 // MacBook Pro - Mojave 10.14.6
  • Browsers: Chrome // Safari
  • Used home internet, cafe internet & phone hotspot

I’m seeing the same expiry issue across all these.

Is this just me not entering the correct code?

Any clue what could the issue be?

Thanks in advance for the kind help!

Welcome aboard, Yann!

Yes. This usually happens when you need to provide input in to the console on the right. If your code translates into user input that’s needed, you’ll see a blinking cursor.


Now the trick is to click this cursor a couple times, and enter your text. Then press enter.

That should, hopefully, solve it.

Out of curiosity, though, could you please provide a link to the exercise(s) in question?

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Thanks for answering @ghostlovescore !

Will try again following you advice.

All the ‘execution expired’ weren’t for input with console on the right I believe. Here are the courses I was following:

  1. Introduction to Ruby
  2. Control flow in Ruby

Do you need more granular exercises names?

Are you sure? Because that’s usually when this happens with this course… :confused:

If you did the lesson “Putting the Form in Formatter”, then you must have used gets.chomp, which essentially asks for user input. And that would’ve been when execution expired occured?

Similar situation here, if you did the lesson “Thith Meanth War” where user input is also required.

If you don’t mean any of those two, then I’m not too sure what’s wrong…

I was having the exact issue. Clicking the console worked! Thanks the most!