Excursion Project

Hello everyone.

Just finished my project and sharing with anyone who wants to see it. Had a problem loading my video as it would not autoplay but fixed that issue by adding muted to the video tag.

Ps: Any constructive comments are very much welcomed.

Here’s my git link :https://github.com/LetiSanches/excursion.git

Happy codding :grin:

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@letiisanches Nice! Looks pretty good to me. I literally just finished this project also, but I was having trouble getting the video to play on its own too! After reading your post and then coming across some information on w3schools, I tried it out, and it worked fine :slight_smile:

Because the code was a little simpler on this one, I didn’t use any classes like you did. But I’m not sure exactly which way is more acceptable. I feel like I kind of rushed through this one.

Your code looks good, though, and it is easy to follow.

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Hi @student31cs.
Thank you for your feedback. I’ve noticed that the video not playing is a common thing, I had to look up for the reason why and was actually very easy to find a solution like you did.
I’m trying to implement classes more on my projects just because it looks nicer/organized for me and when sharing with others, its easier to read to. But if it works for you that way, shouldn’t be a problem ? :thinking: