Excursion Project

Hello! I can’t download mockups in links! What did I do wrong?

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P.S.: opens using rclick and “Open link in a new tab”. Is a poblem in my computer?

It isn’t just your computer. It happened recently to someone else working on a different project, and I confirmed the same behavior on my system. You’ve already found a good workaround to get the files, but I didn’t want you to think something was wrong with your computer.

Hey @9279984279

I’m not sure if it’s still relevant, but I’ve done the following:

  1. Opened the image in a new window (right-click with the mouse on the link and open in a new window)
  2. Opened https://www.photopea.com/ in a new window as well
  3. Dragged and dropped the image into the photopea
  4. File -> Export -> Export as jpg/png etc…

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