Excursion project - Video not autoplaying when deployed to GitHub Pages


I’ve just finished the excursion project, testing it locally and confirming that everything was working, but after deploying to GitHub Pages, I’ve found the embedded video on the page appears but doesn’t play, either automatically or even if given controls. I’ve tried opening the page both in Chrome and Safari, finding that neither work when pushed to GitHub, but Safari works locally, with Chrome refusing to autoplay. Here is the code snippet relating to the video in my HTML:

 <video autoplay loop>
  <source src="resources/videos/excursion.mp4" type="video/mp4">

hi @zkelly1

you can try this answer out. link

hope it helps.

Thanks so much! That fixed the issue entirely!

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You’re welcome @zkelly1

Do search up the internet at times, especially from StackOverflow website. They can be really helpful from time to time, but of course everyone need to dig out the answers as much.

Had the same issue as @zkelly1 and this fixed it, thanks so much!