Excursion Project. help make github page work!

Firstly I need to rant. Feel free to skip ahead to the link to avoid the rant but I need the dev team to see this.
I have spent the entire day working on this and have never felt so infuriated. Firstly, it was never explained prior to the activity what a ‘repository’ is…after 3 hours I only found out and made notes on it through the ‘get unstuck’ window. Making the website was simple enough, except it turns out <video autoplay></video> does not work in chrome/firefox without ‘mute’ also added, even if the video you are adding is already mute. That ate up another 2 hours. Even following the ‘get unstuck’ video (which didn’t specify windows users having to use git bash (they use the console in visual studio code) to push content, it did not make sense how to sync your local repository with github. I ended up deleting the github repository and reuploading the finalised local repository.
This is the result. at first the html loaded with one image and no css. now nothing is loading at all and i just have a white page. Anyone know what is going on?


I took a look at your code and noticed you have an error on Line 7. Which has made the rest of your code void.

Removing this has fixed the issue.

I also had an issue with the video not autoplaying without inserting the ‘muted’ option.

Once you have spotted the issue, reply back and let me know if this has resolved your issue.

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