Excursion App Website Project (HTML/CSS - Full Stack Engineer Path)

Hey everyone! I just finished the Excursion project!
I decided to try and make it the most responsive I could, while also practicing with margins.
If you could review it and give me some tips on how to make it better, I’d really appreciate it!

Here is the code: Github Repository - Excursion
And the website: Excursion Website

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It looks great, well done! I tested it on most major resolution breakpoints and the responsivity is great, congrats! :clap:

There’s only two (very picky!) bits of feedback I would give:

  1. On line 28 you have an image with a blank string as an alt attribute, ideally for accessability all images should have a non-blank alt, mostly to aid people using screenreaders and to provide context if an image failed to load.
  2. At a couple points you’ve got a <p> tag inside of the <a> tag, this isn’t strictly needed (although it’s not exactly a problem either) and you could just have the text directly inside of the <a> and apply any relevant styling to that.

You’ve also used semantic tags (figure/main etc) really well which is super important for accessability, well done! :smile:

Thank you so much for the feedback! :grin:

About the alt tag, I read that if the image itself isn’t important for understanding the context of the section, the alt should be blank. That tells the non-visual browsers to not render that image. So that’s why I did it :smile:

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No problem!

Oh yeah, my bad: Decorative Images • Images • WAI Web Accessibility Tutorials, never read up on that before, you learn something new every day, eh! :smile:

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